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Tremor & Essential Tremor

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Sep 22,  · Task-specific tremor is a form of action tremor that occurs only or mainly when a person is performing a specific skilled task. The most frequently encountered form of task-specific tremor is primary writing tremor (PWT).

The most common form of a task specific tremor is primary writing tremor (PWT), first described by Rothwell in Two forms can be distinguished: type A tremor (task specific) and type B (position specific) [ 5 ]. Task specific kinetic tremor—kinetic tremor may appear or become exacerbated during specific activities.

Occupational tremors and primary writing tremor are examples of this. Isometric tremor—tremor occurring as a result of muscle contraction against a rigid stationary object. Several tremor conditions are believed to be variants of essential tremors including: task-position specific tremor (primary writing tremor), isolated voice tremor, isolated chin tremor.

The most common treatments for ET include: primidone, beta blockers such as proporanolol and benzodiazepines.

Tremor & Essential Tremor

Sep 22,  · Task-specific tremor is a form of action tremor that occurs only or mainly when a person is performing a specific skilled task. with task specific writing tremor (WT). The diagnosis was made by observing tremor only elicited by writing, without more than trace action tremor, or by a robust history of tremor only during writing for at least three years before tremor in any other setting.

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Task specific tremor writing a cover
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