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In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, figurative language is effectively used in the latter part of Act I, Scene 3 in order to denote the true gravity of the exchange that. Imagine you are adapting Macbeth into a major feature film. you have many choices to make about what kind of movie you are going to produce.

1- you must decide which genre film will be (ex. horror movie, psychological thriller, tragic romance, political drama) 2- you must adapt the play into a new cultural and/or historical context (ie you must choose a different time and place for the story.

All the way through the story of Macbeth, he is shown from the first kill to the last, as an evil and disturbed man. He has obviously been taken over by the opportunity for supreme power and murder has taken over his mind. Macbeth Assignments: Useful Ideas.

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Macbeth Assignments

Complete Macbeth Essay by Monday 27th. Categories Drama, Paper Two Post navigation. Previous Post Previous Essay Writing. Macbeth Act III Assignment Provide a short written response ( paragraphs) for each of the following: 1-Explain how knowledge of the future has once again driven Macbeth to extreme action.

Macbeth assignment
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