Hairs vignette writing assignment rubric

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1. Refine the rubric to your preferences 2. Go over the rubric with students and get feedback 3. Upper levels: adjust rubric based on student feedback. 4. Use the rubric in various ways often in the class. a. Teacher completes about students. b. Students complete about themselves. c.

Students complete about peers. 5. SURVEY OF GENERAL SOCIOLOGY (3 credits) Fall WINDWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR Kathleen M.

House on Mango Street Final Vignette-Writing Project

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Mary Beth Early High Stakes Assignment for WID – p.1 of 9 5/22/03 Activity Analysis OVERVIEW: Activity analysis is a breakdown of the component parts of an activity in order to determine its effects and demands on human function.

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Hairs vignette writing assignment rubric
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